Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eco - Luxury Style ... the "Modern Installation South Face"

I just came across this interesting article that I wanted to share from a website called "Modern Homes Design" about a modern exterior installation that is juxtaposed against a very classical, Italian colonnade at the University of Milan. It was designed by Italian architect Iosa Ghini, as part of the Interni Design Energies exhibition. The structure, with sheltered seating supposedly absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and insulates the environment it encloses from humidity.

As I scrolled down the article, the first three photos that I saw gave me a mixed reaction. I love the structure... but it just didn't seem to fit it's environment... even as much as I like to mix contemporary with the classical. It just wasn't quite doing it for me...

But then... I saw the fourth photo and I thought... WOW... that is really nice!

The hollow panels in eco-cement creates a vertical pattern that is stunning against the vertical columns in the background. The addition of the plantings in the wall softens the modern structure and brings it together with the surrounding landscaping.

If you would like to read the full article go to: