Thursday, June 3, 2010

OK… this is way excellent!

The other day, while browsing through some blogs, I came across the blog “Green by Design” 

…on one of their blogs there was a new product that they were highlighting…  
and it is way too excellent to just let it go…

You can read Green by Designs interview here: We Get the Dirt on Platinum Dirt 

 “each VIN jacket is a one of a kind, handmade work of art”

It is about the brilliant idea of recycling the leather from the seats of prestigious vintage automobiles such as the ‘71 Cartier Edition Lincoln town car, or a Cadillac or Mercedes… into leather jackets that retain their original identity.  The VIN number is sewn right into the jacket and the hood ornament becomes the zipper pull!  The mastermind behind the idea and the designs is emerging fashion designer Dustin Page.  He is its creator, designer, producer and tailor.  Together with his business partner Aaron Parrish, they will officially launch their line of custom made VIN Jackets in the fall of this year for both men and women.  Each car individually selected is made into a single jacket.   

Left over scraps are turned into accessories such as these clutch purses.

You will want to visit their website at

Covermodel Louise Roe from Vogue TV wears a Platinum Dirt brown Cadillac VIN Jacket on Coco Eco Magazine

What does this have to do with interiors? .... everything!

 After communicating with the brilliant men behind this fashion line, Aaron told me that they plan to start working in the spring of next year on expanding their product line into home furnishings, after their fall fashion schedule.   My mind runs wild in conceptualizing the different ways these wonderful leathers can be used.  You can’t describe the emotional feeling that you get from authentically worn leather! … and I would love to see one of these leathers, that once adorned the seats of the aristocratic autos... adorning the seat of one of these…

The contrast of the worn leather in their original ‘70’s colors would look amazing against the delicate lines of a French fauteuil or as a cushion on the sleek lines of the Stapleton Bench by furniture designer James Murphy…

or just a nice cushy pillow to curl up with…  heads up Horchow, I see a new product coming your way!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

pure… sustainable luxury

… anything done well is quite a luxury...

so when it is referring to sustainable products done well they must meet certain standards to catch my attention. If you have read my blog before you will know that I am a proponent of green design done well...

There are a lot of eco-friendly products on the market… especially compared to what was available just a few years ago. This change has been brought about by market demands and product awareness by consumers. The demands have broadened the production capabilities for such products and provide the product designers the support system that is needed for production of their creative visions.

Even with the increased supply and selection of sustainable products, the vast majority of products labeled green or sustainable (and I referring to the home furnishings end of it here) quite frankly don’t impress me. Embellishing instant oatmeal with toppings may work for breakfast… but not for interior design.

Edward Ferrell has created a collection of sustainable

furnishings that one would be hard pressed to recognize as such when comparing to much of the conventional green furnishings… meaning… they are absolutely gorgeous!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Make Mine Cashmere...

I can’t think of a better way to spend a third of my life than wrapped between layers of sumptuous cashmere sheets!


Few things are as luxurious as cashmere… so one of the ultimate indulgences has to be bed linens made from 100% cashmere. Can you even imagine! Well, for those that want to self indulge, or are looking for a gift for the person that has everything… and money is insignificant… then Manrico may have the perfect selection for you. But if you must ask… a king sized set including duvet cover will be approximately $7500.00 .

MANRICO is an Italian Company founded in 1993 specializing in the manufacturing of cashmere. In 2007, after four years of research, MANRICO invented and patented the ultimate product in this industry…


This incredible result was achieved by perfecting the balance between the nature of cashmere and the technology through innovations.

The Cashmere Bed Sheets will change your perception of a good night sleep. You will feel the best performance of this material: thermo-regulating, it warms you up when it is cold; it keeps you cool when it is hot and humid. The softness…the lightness… all that plus they are machine washable and dryable.

There is a choice of over 200 colours, many combinations of design with any personalization or special request.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Eco - Luxury Style ... the "Modern Installation South Face"

I just came across this interesting article that I wanted to share from a website called "Modern Homes Design" about a modern exterior installation that is juxtaposed against a very classical, Italian colonnade at the University of Milan. It was designed by Italian architect Iosa Ghini, as part of the Interni Design Energies exhibition. The structure, with sheltered seating supposedly absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and insulates the environment it encloses from humidity.

As I scrolled down the article, the first three photos that I saw gave me a mixed reaction. I love the structure... but it just didn't seem to fit it's environment... even as much as I like to mix contemporary with the classical. It just wasn't quite doing it for me...

But then... I saw the fourth photo and I thought... WOW... that is really nice!

The hollow panels in eco-cement creates a vertical pattern that is stunning against the vertical columns in the background. The addition of the plantings in the wall softens the modern structure and brings it together with the surrounding landscaping.

If you would like to read the full article go to:

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Eco - Luxury Style ... the Beauty of Natural Earth Plaster

You just can't get any more natural than earth!

It also happens to be one of the products that I most love in an interior to build upon ...

It isn't just the visual aesthetics of the product that makes it luxurious, but the physical qualities that is felt by your own senses. I have used this product and I would include it in almost all my interior projects if the budgets of my clients allowed. When you enter a space with the natural clay wall finish you immediately feel the coolness of the plaster. And since it is reported to give off negative ions, it also creates a feeling of wellness. I was originally struck by the subtle beauty of the product from photographs, but it wasn't until I actually first used it on a client's project that I experienced the material to it's fullest impact.

The color palette has a wide range of pigments to select from, and of course mixing can be done to achieve custom hues. There are also various textures that you can select from.

There are various sources for natural earth plasters, but the one that I have used and therefore can recommend is American Clay out of Albuquerque

Even though many of the pictures in their photo gallery reflect the Southwest style of architecture, there are several that indicate how the plaster looks in contemporary settings, old world style interiors and even a Nantucket style interior. (All photos are from the American Clay gallery)

(taken from American Clay's website)

Negative Ions

Many things in nature hold a negative charge, and humans living close to nature are accustomed to being surrounded by a negative charge in the air, or Negative Ions. Inside today's modern homes and offices there are computers, electrical appliances, electric cords, LEDs and synthetic plastic products (which includes most modern wall coverings like latex paint), all of which produce and maintain a positive charge in the air. Normal ion count in fresh country air is 2,000 to 4,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. At Yosemite Falls, you'll experience over 100,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter. On the other hand, the level is far below 600 per cubic centimeter in an average home, and in a windowless office with computers it can be zero.

Natural clay maintains an incredibly dense molecular structure and shape, giving it the capacity to produce a self-generated negative charge upon hydration. Even the simple evaporation of water from clay has the capacity to produce negatively charged particles in the air. This means that when your walls breathe, or hydrate slightly with changes in humidity and slowly dry out, your interior space is being steeped in negative ions.

Negative ions are proven to produce positive biochemical reactions in humans. A negative charge in a space acts on our capacity to absorb and utilize oxygen, causing us to have more energy and feel invigorated. Negative ions also have been proven to increase levels of the mood chemical serotonin, helping to alleviate depression, relieve stress, and boost our feelings of well being.

Surrounding your interior environment with unsealed clay plasters, or clay paints, that produce Negative Ions will not only help neutralize the electromagnetic effect created by computers, appliances and synthetic plastics, but also will help eliminate static charge on walls. Your walls stay clean and will not attract dust! Also, by having clay plaster on a wall, you are helping to filter air of pollen and dander. The negative charge emitted by clay causes particulates in the air to clump together and literally fall to the floor where they can be vacuumed up.

The capacity of clay plaster to "breathe" and release negative ions is unique and not found in any other wall covering on the market today. Concrete, Gypsum, Marble, Lime, and decorative acrylic plasters do not release negative ions, breathe with changes in humidity, or resist dust. American Clay is unique in its ability to literally alter a space for the benefit of those inhabiting it!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Eco - Luxury Style... for dreamy ideas

A perfect night's sleep begins with...

fresh, sumptuous and soothing layers of finely woven fabrics to envelope you, as you drift into alpha...

Started in 1833, in Turbenthal Switzerland near Zurich, the mill Boller Winkler has become one of the most recognized and highly respected mills in Europe. It produces millions of yards of fabric per year for many different markets, including apparel and bed linens. The bed linens are marketed under the name Bonjour of Switzerland around the world, and now in the United States. It was the first mill to take advantage of the equipment and machinery coming out of England during the Industrial Revolution, using the spinning machines to replace hand labor.

Bourbon of Switzerland is a mill with not only state-of-the-art technology and superb craftsmanship, but also a mill with a design philosophy and environmental awareness matched by few mills in the world.

Their linens are luxurious, with an amazing palette of fresh colors in urban, classic and contemporary styles.

A collection of luxurious fabrics combining oxford cloth and sateen stripes

duvet covers, fitted, flat, cases, shams, bedskirts, fabric by the yard

Millennium Towel Collection

A natural product made of 100% beech wood cellulose.

Softer than terry toweling with a natural luster that doesn’t wash out.

50% more absorbent than cotton and dries more quickly.


duvet covers, fitted, flat, cases, shams, bedskirts, fabrics by the yard

Collection is reversible Light or Dark background available

Sensitive Towels

The world's first and only towel line to be certified "Cradle to Cradle". Each towel is made from biodegradable ingredients, right down to the label, yarn and thread. True sustainability, not just organic! "Cradle to Cradle" certification assures that the materials utilized in fabricating the towel will biodegrade naturally. Also, the manufacturing processes are environmentally friendly.

Coshmere ®

• 100% Supima extra long staple cotton.

• 20% combed yarn.
• 100% natural and ecologically correct manufacturing.
Oeko-Tex certified.

• Patented Hi-Tech spinning method provides yarn as soft
as cashmere.
• Optimum absorbency. Dimensional stability. Color fast.

Ritz muscade bag

They have a beautiful selection of robes and dressing gowns that coordinate with the collections. Speaking of collections... check out the Spring and Fall 2009 Collection photos. Not only could I easily work with the various color selections and prints for my clients' bedroom projects, but I just may have to get a set for myself...


The pureness of white with fine details

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Eco - Luxury Style ... that Surpasses the Test of Time..

With quite an interesting beginning, Cisco Brothers has set the bar for business principles and integrity.

The entrepreneurial drive has also defined a path for others to follow... especially when it comes to eco-luxury, style, and sustainability...

"In 2006, Cisco developed the Inside Green™ method of construction and became the first designer to create 100% FSC Pure sustainable upholstered furniture. The company moved exclusively to FSC Pure certified woods on upholstered furniture, using reclaimed hardwoods for a collection of stunning case goods and the use of water based glues and environmentally friendly detergents to wash all fabrics. "

Their collabortation with designer John Derian has broadened their collections:

“Over the last 14 years of having my shop I have seen a real need for comfortable, good-looking upholstered furniture,” states John Derian. “I have had many great antique and vintage pieces come and go and I thought it was time to pull together some of my favorite pieces from the 18th and 19th century and share them with a wider audience. I am so excited to work with Cisco Brothers because they share my appreciation for creating stylish, comfortable, handmade furniture that truly complements my design aesthetic. Furthermore, Cisco Brothers takes the design process one step further by being the industry leader when it comes to eco-conscious and sustainable practices with an end result that is always remarkable."

Pieces from their collection are available through select stores and Professional Interior Designers