Sunday, July 5, 2009

ECO-LUXURY … for the love of green and …

Luxury must be comfortable, otherwise it is not luxury. ~ Coco Chanel

Eco-Luxury is not an oxymoron. In fact, the expansion of this niche market puts a whole different perspective on green design. True to the spirit of the creative mind, the free market, and capitalism, the green market offers something for everyone… regardless of the level of taste or bank account.

I have a pragmatic view of green design and its future… and that is to keep government out of its way. Market driven demands and entrepreneurial creativity are the foundation to the development of new solutions and products, and a healthy economy. Without a healthy economy, consumers do not have the buying power that is needed to sustain the development and supply for the market. You can’t have it both ways.

Three reasons why Eco-Luxury Fur products are eco-friendly:

  1. It is minimally processed, renewable, durable, reusable, biodegradable, pesticide free, insecticide free, fertilizer free, is not petroleum based, uses no land and uses minimal water.
  2. The products are 100% sourced and manufactured in New Zealand where first world living wages are paid.
  3. Use of the Paihamu ameliorates an ecological nightmare caused by an invasive species. It truly is the best way to reduce, reuse and recycle.


  1. Congratulations on a great idea for a blog that is so timely. Your first post is to the point and wonderful.

  2. Annie... thank you so much for dropping by! I think there will be plenty of new fresh ideas to present...with a different perspective on green.