Monday, January 11, 2010

Make Mine Cashmere...

I can’t think of a better way to spend a third of my life than wrapped between layers of sumptuous cashmere sheets!


Few things are as luxurious as cashmere… so one of the ultimate indulgences has to be bed linens made from 100% cashmere. Can you even imagine! Well, for those that want to self indulge, or are looking for a gift for the person that has everything… and money is insignificant… then Manrico may have the perfect selection for you. But if you must ask… a king sized set including duvet cover will be approximately $7500.00 .

MANRICO is an Italian Company founded in 1993 specializing in the manufacturing of cashmere. In 2007, after four years of research, MANRICO invented and patented the ultimate product in this industry…


This incredible result was achieved by perfecting the balance between the nature of cashmere and the technology through innovations.

The Cashmere Bed Sheets will change your perception of a good night sleep. You will feel the best performance of this material: thermo-regulating, it warms you up when it is cold; it keeps you cool when it is hot and humid. The softness…the lightness… all that plus they are machine washable and dryable.

There is a choice of over 200 colours, many combinations of design with any personalization or special request.


  1. Gosh, how indulgingly decadent!
    My personal favourites are fine hemp sheets from Italy which are already quite pricy but this definitly tops everything I have ever come across so far.
    Sleeping in a cloud of cashmere must feel like pure heaven...

  2. Yes, it would be like heaven.. which I will probably never experience in this lifetime on earth... if I ever do, I will give a personal account of the experience!

  3. Just reading about such luxurious sheets makes me want to climb into bed, alas I don't have cashmere bedding.

  4. Ah... but we can dream, can't we?... no pun intended...

  5. wow... now i have truly heard it all... and i am hooked on matteo bedding i can only imagine what these feel like... vail, aspen... in the right areas that is for sure... xx

  6. Beautiful feeling.
    Congratulations for your wonderful blog.